“Ichiban Kuji” is a type of lottery or raffle system commonly used for merchandise in Japan. These lotteries are often held at stores and events, particularly in the world of anime and gaming. The term “Ichiban Kuji” can be translated to “Number One Lottery.” To participate and have a chance to win exclusive prizes, follow these general instructions:

  1. Find an Ichiban Kuji SET:
    • Check for the category named KUJI Set (1 ticket) regarding any Kuji sets at our online store.
  2. Purchase a Lottery Ticket:
    • Buy a ticket for the Ichiban Kuji from the event or store hosting it. Tickets are typically sold at a fixed price, and each ticket corresponds to a specific letter or number (e.g., A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, etc.).
  3. Select Your Prize:
    • Upon purchasing a ticket, you’ll often have a choice of available prizes or a random draw if there are multiple options. You’ll be informed of the specific prize pool for that particular Ichiban Kuji.
  4. Unbox Your Prize:
    • The excitement of Ichiban Kuji is the element of surprise. Your prize will be sealed in a blind box or bag, and you’ll only discover what you’ve won once you open it. Prizes can range from keychains and figures to posters and other collectibles.
  5. Enjoy Your Winnings:
    • If you’re lucky, you might get a high-tier prize, which is usually a premium or rare item. If you receive a lower-tier prize, it’s still a part of the fun and excitement.
  6. Respect the Rules:
    • Follow the rules and guidelines set under each KUJI Set under the category named KUJI Sets (1 ticket). Some rules may vary depending on the specific event, so be sure to read any provided instructions or ask for clarification if needed.
    • We will start streaming on our Instagram Page@ animestock_oz within 24 hours after the order is placed.
    • A KUJI Streaming record will also be uploaded to our Instagram Page/YouTube channel accordingly.
  7. Be Mindful of Duplicates:
    • In the case of purchasing multiple tickets or trying your luck multiple times, you may receive duplicates. You can keep them or trade with other participants to complete your collection.
  8. Have Fun and Share:
    • Ichiban Kuji is not only about winning but also about enjoying the experience and sharing your excitement with fellow fans. Whether you win big or get a common prize, the thrill of the lottery is a part of the fun.
  9. We offer a KUJI Items consolidation after the draws of the KUJI playing, please feel free to select the KUJI Consolidation Checkout when placing a KUJI Sets (1 tickets) order. A postage invoice will be sent after the plays, and consolidation of KUJI Orders will be processed every week by the end of each Sunday at 18:00 AEST.

Remember that the availability of Ichiban Kuji events and their specific rules may vary depending on your location and the store or event organizer. Always check for local announcements and participate responsibly.