Langrisser (ラングリッサー, Rangurissā, originally spelled Lungrisser prior to the third game) is a fantasy tactical role-playing video game series created by Masaya Games. The main development team is Career Soft, first as Team Career within Masaya Games for the first three games and then as an independent studio for Langrisser IV and V. The series has a fantasy-Germanic setting, but draws on religious concepts like ditheism and sword worship for historical context. The series was originally released for Sega platforms during the 1990’s, with the first two installments originally made for the Mega Drive, followed by third through fifth installments (along with a remake compilation of the first two games) for the Sega Saturn. Ports and remakes were also made for other platforms such as PC Engine, Super Famicom, PC-FX and PlayStation during the same period.

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